Polish Cave Diving 2001-2005
02. Luty 2006

Last five years brought some new results in cave explorations and some improvements in diving technique. The main attention was pointed on deeper and longer dives, most of the activity take place abroad though some actions in polish caves in Tatra Mountains has also been assumed.

Polish version of side-mount

This type of bottle mounting is dedicated to narrow and short sumps. The main point in this configuration is to provide an easy way of attaching and detaching the bottle. The standard jacket with harness will not be used, because the area to be penetrated is constricted. A special belts are to be used. The bottle is attached at two points: at waist belt and at the strip on the chest.

The sumps in Mietusia Cave

In Mietusia Cave in Tatra Mountains, there are the deepest sumps in Poland. Approximately 200m from the entrance, there are two almost parallel sequences of pits, called Great and Narrow Chimneys (Wielkie Kominy, Ciasne Kominy). At their bottoms are clear, spacious lakes - a challenge for cave divers. Although these sumps were so close, no connection between them was known.

Galbenei Expedition 2006
01. Lipiec 2008

Short summary...

Description of the rescue action in Izbucul de la Tauz, October 2002

On 04.10.2002, Rafał Garski did not resurfaced following a dive in Tauz resurgence. As a result, first a research and then the rescue actions were taken, in order to bring up the corpse.

Expedition OKO, Montenegro
09. Marzec 2008

Cave Divers Group - Poland

Cave diving in Poland at the end of XXth century

Cave diving in Poland is not an easy job. There is no big resurgence in our country. Most diveable sumps are placed in Tatra Mountains on the southern border. There is an alpine type karst; the temperature is about 3 deg. C. The sumps are deep in the caves - usually several hundreds meters below the entrance. The cave diver must be extremely fit to get there with all his equipment.

Expedition Bihor, winter 2001

In February 2001 Caver's Club SG Wrocław organized a cave diving expedition to Valea Gîrda Seaca in Bihor Mountains (Romania). Five cave divers took part in this event: Wiktor Bolek - leader, Maciej Czykierda, Rafał Garski, Rafał Górecki and Norbert Ziober.